Hey, I am Arne,

a time-traveling soul in a human body.

As a pioneer in using collective intelligence, gift-economy, sustainable ways of living and alien contact, I was chosen to represent humanity on the intergalactic congress in the year 2036.

The project-earth has failed, fear and greed have driven humans to destroy all live on the planet.

(Arne Bollinger, on the Future Congress 2036)


I went back in time to change the future of our project-earth, it is our only chance, in this timeline.

I am also a programmer, graphic- and sound-designer, music producer and DJ and I was given a few tools that can help us.

I am doing what I can, but alone I can not do anything. The projects that I started are great, but they need to be owned and developed by others in order to thrive. That is why I am telling our story to reach out for YOU. If you feel a resonance, maybe you are a time traveler too?

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and become a part of our movie.

Together we can change our future!