A Time-Travelling Documentary


For the first time in history we are documenting a real time-travelers journey into our present. The nature of our documentary is interactive, because we can not change our future without you. Yes, you.

Our future on planet earth in the year 2036 doesn’t look so great. We have to do something about that now, before its too late..again.

We need your ideas, projects, solutions and contributions for a better tomorrow. Project-Earth wants to present your inspirations to the largest possible audience.
Therefore your contributions will be produced and released as a collective interactive docu-fiction and blueprint for the future in cinemas in 2020.
In the meantime short episodes will be published. We are very busy with working on other stuff. Please support our work with a donation, so we can dedicate more time to this important project!

It all started with a trailer..

We are following Arne‘s journey through the twenty-twenties and documenting peoples reactions on the trailer. Corporations, politicians, activists and everyday you and me – we all carry the responsibility for our future.

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew (Marshall McLuhan)


Intergalactic Interviews


We are traveling festivals, congresses and conferences with our space-time-machine. You can go inside and travel to the future and other places to get inspiration how other more intelligent civilizations manage their planets. Leave a message for the humans in 2020 and tell them how to change. Your contributions may influence the way how the movie develops. You can book us now to come to your event or just send us an interview that you recorded yourself.


Future Congress

We organised the first future congress in 2017. Help us to organise the next one.