For our interactive collective journey, we have a rough map. But we need your help to navigate.

Phase 1:

“For this we need all of you!”


Join the project and help us with your ideas, solutions, a donation or a bit of your time.
By working with ourselves, by reflecting our own perspectives and by making contact with the other participants in the project, we learn to perceive our differences as peculiarities.


Recruits can submit possible solutions (as video clips, papers, websites,…):

– Ideas
– Solutions
– Projects
– Political Party
– Congress hosts


“You are a special person, with good ideas and abilities, but you alone can not save the world. Find other special people with whom you can continue.”


Recruits can register themselves or as a team below.




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Phase 2:

“I share – we are exchanging”


We will soon reach limits where we can no longer carry on alone. We need to get together in many communities.


In each community, the solutions are exchanged, feedbacked / commented and combined.
During the feedback loop, the participants will iterate their solutions and gain an insight into the lifeworlds of the other participants through the change of perspective.
The aim of this phase is to understand your own importance through the realization of the importance of the others in phase 1.
In the next phase the established communities will become the clusters which will prepare and hold the performance and presentations for phase 3 collaboratively.


Transfer to the next phase:

“You have now gathered together and valued each other as special individuals. Soon comes the day of our arrival. Create a sign in your new strong community that shows us that you are on the way together.”

Phase 3:
Event and Performance

“We join together – we create – we present”


The founding clusters go into the final phase before the arrival of the aliens. They are given the task of assembling their ideas in such a way that they create an overall picture in which every fragment is equivalent. They will combine this work of art into a performance and face each other face-to-face for the first time.


While the aliens circle around the planet in an orbit, all clusters receive 5-10 minutes to bring together their ideas and solutions. During this phase, they are transferred to Livestream in all other participating countries and clusters.

This is a journey around the world and its various facets, cultures and peculiarities. All participants have one goal: to save humanity.
The flashmob character of this event is designed to create a sense of community that transcends boundaries and connects people.

The motto of this day is: “We all sit in one boat and can only survive together.”

Each cluster has the same value in this performance, with perfect cultural diversity. However, each cluster is absolutely necessary to achieve the goal of the presentation.

According to the global performance, the participants should celebrate together and take the experience of the community with them.


Transfer to the next phase:


“Children of this world, you have convinced us! Your world, with your help and your appreciation for each other, can look into a better and more just future.
Do not be too sure of this. We will continue to observe you and return. We will visit you again and demand a new testimony for your fellowship.”

Phase 4:
Presenting the results

“We as a model”


In this phase the results will be shown in a traveling exhibition through the countries. Here the video of the performances as well as the digital works of art are displayed on an analogue platform.
As a sign of the joint success, the exhibition forms the occasion for the exchange and the reunion of the participants.
In addition, the project will be accessible to an extended audience.

Phase 5:
Iteration and repetition

“We enable the next generation of world saviors”


The  aliens have threatened it and made it: they come back and the next  generation must prove that the world has not lost the way.
Here the “old”, ie the former participants can contribute their experiences again as tutors for the new participants.


Phase 6:

The whole process will also be video-documented and released as a docu-fiction and blueprint for the future in cinemas in 2019.