Festival Summer

Project-Earth was visiting different Festivals in the Summer of 2019 with their spaceship.

We filmed different interviews, improvised scenes and even a piano concert. After our first two festivals, we thought it would be nice if people wouldn’t need to change into a costume but could hide their real selves behind an alien, to deliver more far out messages. After communicating this idea in the future, Arne got in contact with Jens Isensee, an artist and developer of the game “Imagine Earth” that once built an installation that was pretty similar to what we had in mind. Arne and Jens sat together in Berlin and built different alien 3D models into our scenes.

In this improvised session our friendly alien host takes some visitors to different planets and into different possible futures of earth, with or without human life, depending on how they decide to act in the present.


Behind the scenes

We used different 3D alien models from the internet inside of the unity engine and steered them using a kinect camera motion controller. Additionally we altered the voice of the alien player using some effects to enhance the alien experience. The final streaming was done with OBS Studio.

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