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Send your guests on a time travel journey with Project-Earth at your event or venue. Either as an interactive workshop, or as an interactive space booth. Just choose your elements and we will match project-earth into your concept.

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Time Capsule

We are a small team of volunteering time travelers that document the jump of the timeline. For the movie we interview contemporary witnesses at demonstrations, festivals and in their milieu on Earth and other planets in different timelines. We want to collect practical tips on how we change the time line and inspire other people to join us.

In our time capsule the recruits can choose their costume and background before they face the camera and their projection on the big screen where they then find themselves on another planet or in another time. Then we film the interviews.

“How did you master the challenges on your planet back then, do you have any tip for the Earthlings?”

Up to 4 people can simultaneously go on the green screen and there is room for up to 30 people to watch the interviews live in front of the projector.

Time Travel

We are traveling into multiple timelines of the future through the 5th dimension. With a guided meditation of 10 Minutes everybody will get individual insights. After coming back participants can share their experiences with each other and if they want also in front of the camera to become part of the movie.

Creative Ideation

We can guide different teams through a creative journey using various techniques like Dragon Dreaming, Walt Disney, Design Thinking, Proposal Forming or Driver Mapping. At the end the teams will present their different solutions, if they want, they can become part of the movie. Depending on the time that you give us the whole process can take from 2 hours to 2 days.





cinema tent: 5m x 4m & green screen: 5m x 3m

about 2800 watts

wood for green screen construction

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