Support the project The first Future Congress on planet Earth in the year 2017 was a great success! Here are a few impressions of the day: The preparations for the Future Congress 2017 began one day before on site with a creative, artistic and visual transformation of the place. Motivated and creative beings turned the […]

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Message from Zinnia

On the Congress “Move Utopia” we met an intergalactic beeing in humanoid form from the planet “Zinnia”. They have no verbal language but instead they express their thoughts with movements. We put subtitles for you to understand the message.

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We just arrived from the Intergallactic Congress in the year 2036 on Planet 9 to tell you that humans will destroy all life on planet Earth in a few years. Now is our chance to rewrite history! Ok, so how do we change our destiny? The problem is, we don’t know, but we know that […]

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